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Planning Portable Restrooms for Large Crowds?

Are you in the midst of planning an outdoor event that will cater to a large crowd? If so, details that involve the portable-restroom aspect of your event are all here – Welcome to Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans!

 Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans' reputation throughout North-Central Texas is anchored in more than 50 years of providing families and businesses with personal-sanitation solutions for all types of outdoor events.  From outdoor weddings, concerts and huge farmers' markets to giant art exhibits, fundraisers, corporate events, and more, Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans is there to make sure guests and attendees have access to ultra-clean portable restrooms at a moments notice.


Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans' inventory is vast, and it ranges from basic porta-potty units that cater to the most modest budget to highly-sophisticated luxury restroom trailers with over-the-top amenities one would expect to see in a fine restaurant.


Here are just a few considerations you would want to keep in mind regarding the portable restrooms at your event that will cater to the masses:


It's about Getting the Numbers Right


One huge consideration with portable restrooms accommodating large crowds is making sure an adequate number of portable restrooms are in place so each facility doesn't get overused, resulting in messy interiors that no one would wish to visit.  


Generally speaking, providing one portable restroom for every 100 guests, for up to four hours should suffice, however, that is a minimum figure.  Other factors could influence having additional portable restrooms available: the consumption of alcohol, more women attending than men, and the duration of the event.   Alcohol consumption, alone, can generate up to 40% more bathroom visits, and research indicates that women tend to remain in restrooms much longer than men – all this should be factored into the calculation since long lines can, actually, cut into vendors' profits!  This is especially true if guests are not satisfied with the condition of too few portable restrooms and choose to leave early when 'nature calls', and not return.


People may be willing to overlook a lack of parking spaces or they may be willing to overlook hot dogs that are overcooked, but the one thing guests will not forgive is not enough portable restrooms, on-site, to accommodate their needs, especially if those guests have children!   


One of our team members would be more than happy to do any figuring for you to make sure your event is known for not just its entertainment value, but for its cleanliness due to having ample portable restrooms available.


It's about Portable Restrooms with Hand Sanitizers


The CDC makes it very clear that 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch; that means portable restrooms with on-board hand sanitizers should be considered a pre-requisite.  This would go hand-in-hand with making sure the sanitizer refills supplied by the portable restroom company are used as they should be when hand sanitizer dispensers become emptied.


Poor maintenance of restrooms is a sure fire way to gain an undesirable reputation and face a decline in attendance for future events.


It's about Portable Restrooms Being Well Lit


Many large events carry on into the evening – making sure all portable restroom areas are well lit is paramount for safety reasons, alone.  The more safe and comfortable guests feel at large events, the more likely those patrons will speak well of the event and return the next time.


One fun thing to do is to use colored lights for just the dedicated portable restroom areas – blue or green, for example –  it would allow patrons to see, at a glance, where the portable restrooms are located once the sun sets. Also, using string lights would generate a fun ambiance.


It's about Location, Location, Location!


In real-estate, it's all about 'location, location, location'; and when it comes to portable restroom placement for large events, location is a big deal, as well.  Having pods of portable restrooms in plain sight should be a given, and positioning several restrooms within close proximity to concession areas, is ideal. A central placement works well, also, in addition to having portable restrooms positioned along the outer parameters of the venue.


Portable restrooms should be placed back-to-back or placed along a wall or other structure as a proactive measure.  If winds were to become threatening, this type of placement strategy would help the portable restrooms to better withstand the wind and not become moved or, even, airborne!


In addition to ensuring guests or attendees have easy access to portable restrooms, it is equally important to make sure the restroom facilities can be easily delivered and retrieved.   In a perfect world, large-event portable restrooms should be placed on a permanently-hard surface to allow delivery trucks to move in an out of the locations, with ease.


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Give Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans a quick call, right now, and we'll have most of your questions answered within minutes.  We offer a large fleet of portable restrooms to accommodate any sized event and any sized budget:


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With Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans, it's about selection, expertise, budget-friendly options, and fantastic customer care!


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May 23rd, 2019