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What Your "Outdoor Wedding Checklist" Might Be Missing

Among the many things on an outdoor wedding checklist, there is a chance a major necessity is overlooked. Good thing we are here to remind you about Portable Restrooms!

Ah, yes – outdoor weddings.  They are definitely in vogue since brides are passionate about utilizing venues that dramatically enhance the romance for that most-special occasion.  Any type of venue is up for grabs: lakeside settings, charming flower gardens, rustic barns, and rambling vineyards are being selected to add a unique ambiance not found within traditional church settings.  


When the details included in the outdoor-wedding checklist come to life, the feel of fantasy is quickened.  Every consideration – from space planning to décor inspiration – must not be overlooked. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you may have included the following on your wedding checklist:


*** Ceremony chairs

***  Backdrop

***  Ceremonial Tent

***  Dinner tables/Serving Tables & Place Settings

***  Gift/Dessert/Guest-Book Tables

***  Centerpieces

***  Dance Floor

***  Photo Booth

***  Food/Prep/Storage Equipment …. and much more!


There is one item on the list, however, that is missing:  portable restrooms. The last thing you need is forcing your VIPs to find a restroom, somewhere, to meet their immediate needs.   


The wonderful thing about portable restrooms for weddings is the fact that they are not the drab, uninviting fiberglass boxes they used to be.  Portable restroom designs range from spotless, discreet porta-potties to stunning luxury restroom trailers with foot-flush commodes, AC/heat, and more.  Because of this, any bride and groom can feel comfortable offering their guests portable restroom options that will make them, all, feel right at home!


At Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans, we offer a generous array of portable restroom models that will blend in beautifully with any wedding setting and provide the privacy, safety, and absolute convenience your guests will, wholeheartedly, appreciate!  You can choose from:


*** 'Event' Portable Toilets – our most basic option and very affordable w/on-board hand sanitizers


*** 'Deluxe' Portable Toilets – include on-board hand sanitizers, also


*** 'Flushing' Portable Toilets – hands-free flushing – will exceed guests' expectations


*** 'Wheel-Chair Accessible' Portable Toilets – embedded with thoughtfully-designed safety features and spaciousness for enhanced maneuverability


*** 'Luxury Restroom Trailers' – accommodate 2 to 10 users, simultaneously, with beautifully-decorated interiors, hands-free/flushing commodes, AC & heat, stunning cabinetry, private stalls,

vanities & sinks with running water, and much more.  Designed to add that 'WOW' factor!


          Portable Restrooms for Weddings – Affordable and Appreciated!


Regardless of which portable restroom size or design you might select, Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans carries an inventory that will not only cater to your guests' needs but will cater to your budget!  We are fully aware that wedding costs can be high, but a portable restroom from Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans means you don't have to break a sweat OR break the bank!


The bottom line is:  Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans' portable restrooms are very affordable.  Also, you can rest easy knowing that any portable restroom you select has never been used on any construction site and will arrive at your location fresh-smelling and spotlessly clean!  Your outdoor wedding is a time to remember, and Westway Site Services formerly Moore Cans will do its part to make sure your guests remember your thoughtfulness!


For more information, take a moment to visit our website to get an overview of various styles, sizes, and amenities.  You will find photographs and details concerning every model we offer.  


                                         How Many Portable Restrooms?


When considering the number of portable restrooms that might be required for an outdoor wedding event, several considerations should be taken into account.  You may need an additional unit, depending on:


1. The Size of the Crowd:  The minimum requirement for portable restrooms is set at 1 unit/100 guests/up to 4 hours.  Other factors, however, could change the final tally.


2. More Women being in attendance than Men:  It can't be argued – women are much more likely to use restroom facilities more frequently and for longer periods of time than men – after all, primping and gal-to-gal chit chat can take up a fair amount of time!  Because of that, you would want to make sure your guests are not forced to wait in long lines.


Ghent University in Belgium revealed research regarding women's restroom usage that is, frankly, quite predictable:  ladies take up to twice as much time in a restroom facility than men. Offering an extra portable restroom for the ladies can make a difference between long wait lines or shorter wait lines or, none, at all.


3.  The Serving of Alcohol:  Serving alcohol is part of the festivities for most weddings, and that, of course, means increased restroom visits.  If your guests will be consuming alcoholic beverages, calculating 3 bathroom units for every 100 guests who will remain at your event after 4 hours could prove to be awise choice.


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June 14th, 2019